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The first mention of the Bangalore Bible Society appears in Methodist Mission report of the year1829 under the heading ' Bible and Tract Association'. This extract speaks about the progress of the Society activities to such an extent that in 1829 it was in a position to make a donation of Rs.1000 towards support for the activities of Madras, Bellary, and Nagercoil Bible and Tract Society. The year of 1860 saw the availability for the first time of Kannada Bible in a single volume. In the interest of Kannada people and their increasing Scripture needs, Bangalore branch was accorded a degree of autonomy by BFBS in 1875 to function as an independent unit.This marks the birth of Bangalore Auxiliary dedicated to providing Scriptures for the entire Kannada people and to circulate Scripture in all languages spoken in Mysore province.

The Karnataka Auxiliary of the Bible Society of India came in to being 1945. In 1961 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited the Auxiliary and were presented with a copy of the Bible in Hindi. This visit enabled many more people of Karnataka to become aware of the activities and work of the BSI.


The Bible Society of India, Karnataka Auxiliary we are constantly searching for new ways to share Bible message in the Kannada language. In order to cater to the needs of the large number of illiterates, non-readers and neo-literates we provide the Word of God in audio and video forms. We have also pioneered the development of a wide range of new Scriptures for different audiences like the visually challenged, terminally ill, victims of HIV, semi-literate and rural audience, hearing impaired etc.

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The Serampore missionaries appear to have completed their translation of the New Testament into Kannada by 1809, but the manuscript was destroyed in the 1812 fire at the press, and it was only in 1823 that their version of the New Testament 'into Kurnata language' was published. John Hands of the L.M.S. had arrived at Bellary in 1810, and within a year he had compiled a grammar and dictionary. He began to translate Luke into Kannada and apparently published a translation of the synoptic Gospels in 1812. In 1820, Gospels and Acts were published in Madras. The whole New Testament which had been revised by Hands in 1825, was published by Madras Auxiliary Bible Society in 1830.

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The BSI makes available the necessary scripture materials for its worship, nurture, fellowship and outreach.

Your active participation makes it possible to provide God’s Word to those who do not yet have it. You can:

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3. Support this mission through your prayer, involvement and financial contributions

4. Observe the Bible Sunday in your Church’s worship service reminding your congregation the role of God’s word in their lives and the work of the Bible Society of India.

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